card crawler with twists

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Tap on neighbour cards to make the turn.

Explore, beat enemies and reach your loot.

Coming soon on Android, iOS, PC, OSX and Web

Dragosha games:

Look Your Loot aka Hamster

It's a combination of a tile based puzzle game and a dungeon crawler. You have to think a few turns ahead to make sure that you'll have enough health leftover to survive.


HTML5 demo: dragosha.com/hamster/

Made with DEFOLD engine. Coming soon on Android, iOS, PC and Web.





Game play preview:

Baron's Door

In one word, it was a crazy idea to wander around the castle of Baron’s Door with only a dagger in hand.

All one needs to do is to find a better weapon to arm and to give the local baron what for.


Action Platformer. Flash platform. Published by Y8.

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You are a wanderer without a shadow. You don’t remember much about your past, but you’ve heard that the nefarious Queen of Shadows takes shadows from those that she recruits to do her bidding. Collect loot, gamble and level up your character to better battle the Queen’s minion horde so that you may learn the truth about you and your shadow.


Action Platformer. Flash platform. Published by Armor Games (8.1/10). The game was featured at Kongregate and Newgrounds.

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Baron's Gate 2

Baron's Gate 2 is a fantastical rpg-platform game set in deep dark dungeons. Defeat mystical enemies, collect gold to buy new equipment or find special loot in dangerous hidden areas.


Action Platformer. Flash platform. Published by Armor Games (8/10). The game was featured at Kongregate and Newgrounds.

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Jolly Jong 2

The second game of Jolly Jong series is my most popular mahjong game with unique game mechanics based on gravity.


A fresh embodiment of the well-known mahjong game. There are two game modes: a classic mahjong and an arcade mahjong, with crafted artworks accompanied by nice drum beats.


Mahjong Solitaire. Flash platform. Published by mahjongagames.

Fun fact: the game was featured at Yahoo Games.

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Full list of games:

Shadowless (2016), Baron's Door (2015), Baron's Gate 2 (2014), Jolly Jong 1 (2013), Jolly Jong Cats (2013), Jolly Jong Sands of Egypt (2013), Baron's Gate (2013), Jolly Jong 2.5 (2012), Blend-a-Ball (2012), Jolly Jong Blitz (2012), Kleine Castle (2012), Jolly Jong Journey (2012), Jolly Jong 2 (2011), Eine und Kleine (2011), Jolly Jong (2009)


Also I created graphics for:

Iced Boom (2012), Troglodytes 2 (2011), Crystallium Wars TD (2011), MoonyBoom (2011), SunnyBoom (2010), H. E. L. I. C. (2010), Troglodytes (2010), and Rabbit's Magic Adventures (Published by BFG)



About me:

My name is Igor Suntsev and, yep, Dragosha games is a one man studio. Started in 1994 with development of games for ZX-Spectrum. The year of 1999 was marked with an unfinished RPG-project 'Star Crusade'. After that worked as a web designer for quite a long time. An indie game developer since 2009 beginning with Jolly Jong mahjong.

I prefer creating graphics and animation, game and level design, but coding goes well too. Experienced cooperation with Armor Games, Mahjonggames.com, Y8, Candystand, Miniclip, Kizi, Notdoppler, Yahoo games and many other game portals.




Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or offers:


or DM me at Twitter

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